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Change the Way You

Power Your Home

Generate Your Own Power & Leave

Expensive Utility Bills Behind

More Savings


With no out of pocket cost, Project Planet will change the way you power your home forever. The advanced solar technology allows you to generate your own power from the Sun without the need for expensive utility companies.


You're Protected


“It’s Covered” is how we do things. Equipment Warranty, Labor, Maintenance, Electricity, Price, Quality, and Roof. You name it, it’s covered. We are with you the entire way as your power partner.


Do Good To Others


You are doing great things for the environment and future generations by following the “Golden Rule” by doing to others how you want them to do to you. Good things happen to people that do good things for others.


Home Value


You can rest assured that your home will be more valuable with Solar. A study conducted by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) concluded that homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more money.



The Energy Consultants, were very professional and did not push me. They answered all of my questions and helped me lower my bill in ways other than solar. I’m now saving more than 50% of my original bill. Julie Walter

Home Owner, Temecula, CA

When I first spoke to the Energy Consultant, I could not believe the savings. I asked every question I could think of looking for the catch – they answered every single one to my satisfaction. This program was perfect for me. Jeff Middelton

Homeowner, Hesperia, CA

The warranties and guarantees are second to none. I know that I made a good choice leaving my old expensive power company. Melissa Alvarado

Homeowner, Palm Springs