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One of our Project Managers will contact you to schedule a thorough site evaluation. During this visit two of our technicians will measure your roof and conduct a shading study. We do this to ensure that the expectations set-forth during the sales meeting match the results of the site evaluation. Site evaluation usually happens within 7 business days of contract signing.
Our PV Designer will design your solar system to code. You will have the opportunity to view and approve the final design, and we never proceed forward until you do. After the layout is approved by you, our design engineer will complete the final permit package and submit to the city for permitting. The Design & Engineering usually takes about 10 business days.




Once the solar design is completed, one of our Permit Techs will put together a detailed permit package and submit everything to the city. Once their plan checker reviews the permit package, a permit will be issued. The timeline for obtaining a permit varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Obtaining a permit can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks.
After the permit is obtained, our Project Manager will contact you to schedule your solar installation. The solar panel installation will be performed by our highly trained and safety certified crews. Each crew has a lead/foreman that will walk you through the entire installation process. Depending on the complexity of the solar system, the installation will take approximately 2-4 days.



When your system is installed, we will schedule an appointment with the city inspector who will examine the installation and ensure it was properly installed to code. Once the city inspector signs off on the solar installation, we will submit the final package to your utility and ask for PTO (Permission to Operate), so that we can turn your system on.

Congratulations! We are pleased you chose Project Planet as your solar energy provider. Our goal is to provide superior service from start to finish and many years to come.